Ramya Gunashekar Ramya Gunashekar Ramya Gunashekar Ramya Gunashekar

About Ramya

At the age of 4, Ramya Gunashekar began dancing Bharata Natyam in Chennai, the heart of South India. Continuing her education under the tutelage of dance guru Indhra Rajshekar, Ramya discovered the extended benefit of her studies – a discovery and connection with her culture and its fundamental ideals. To convey these aspects through elegant, rhythmic expression as she was taught, is a skill that Ramya seeks to pass on to her students to share with their own audiences.

By 13, Ramya was teaching Bollywood Dances to her peers for high school culture shows and continued to do so throughout her college years. She has danced professionally with Pop Sensation Raghav and Pakistani singer Shadihi Minidat at the 2007 Bollywood Awards at Nassau Coliseum. Her work for Raghav continued for several months after, and included the Masala Concert at Six Flags and the India Day Parade.

Ramya began to teach dance in 2006. She has found the experience to be enriching and proved a formative life event that enticed her to pursue her passion to teach. Personally, she considers it a blessing to be able to share her knowledge and culture with her students and believes that it adds a layer of completion not only to her professional career but to her life as a whole.