• My daughter, Alyssa, watched Bollywood movies with awe from the time she was born, and has wanted to learn film dance from the time she could walk. I’m glad there is a local option for an Indian Dance Class and Ramya not only choreographs and teaches great song dances, she incorporates some classical dance steps so these kids get a strong foundation of technique as well as a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence after each performance.

    Medha Thomas, Westport

    I have been learning Indian classical and Bollywood dance from Ramya for almost 4 years now. She is a great teacher because she is experienced and she incorporates different styles into our dances. Ramya is really nice and all of our final dances and showcases turn out to be a complete success. She is very passionate as a dancer and as a choreographer.

    Sanjana Varma, Yonkers, NY

  • My name is Sushma Shadaksharapppa, my daughter 7 years old has bee learning Bollywood and Bharthnatayam from Ramya for the 2.5 years. Ramya is very friendly with the kids and professional with the parents, she prepares the kids very well for an upcoming performance. I would surely recomend her to all my friends.

    Sushma Shadaksharappa, Scarsdale

    Ms. Ramya is a great teacher. She teaches dances that are fun and energetic. Ms. Ramya teaches steps that easy and sometimes hard. In my opinion, Ms. Ramya is like a famous dancer.

    Donna Saji, Bronx, NY

  • Ramya always presents herself in a professional manner and has a good rapport with the girls. We have been doing classes with Ramya for three years and she is attentative to what both parents and students are looking for in a great dance performance!!

    Lina Kapadia, Scarsdale, NY

    I have been dancing with Ramya for 3 years, and every week I go to dance class I’m always very excited! I have performed in many shows with Ramya and I look forward to many more! I have learnt a lot from Ramya, both Bollywood and classical! Ramya is the BEST dance teacher ever!!

    Neeti Kapadia, Scarsdale, NY

  • My name is Sharika Kaul and I’ve been with Ramya for 3 and a half years.I’m 9 years old and not only do I think that I’ve learned a lot but it’s also been fun to work with her. She helps me alot and shows me how to improve my dancing. She is an enjoyable teacher andI would recommend her to anyone who likes to dance.

    Sharika Kaul, Scarsdale, NY

    This the fourth year that my daughter has been learning Indian dance from Ramya Gunashekar and she absolutely loves it. I have always found Ramya’s dance sessions very engaging and organized. She has a wonderful rapport with her students as well as their parents. She is a very hardworking and dedicated teacher. Her teaching style is very enthusiastic and innovative. I like the way she blends classical dance steps as well as other dance forms in her choreography. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning Indian dance.

    Reena Varma, Yonkers, NY

  • My name is Sudha Uppuluri. My son Akhil and daughter Mahathi attend Bollywood Beats. My daugther attends classical dance and my son attends the break dance. They both love the classes and look forward to it every week. I like the idea of Ramya sending videos for practice since the kids can easily forget instructions in the class otherwise. Ramya teaches according to the kids pace which encourages them and motivates them. She is very friendly and good with kids. The kids performed in a Diwali event and Ramya made sure that the kids were well prepared and made sure of having enough practice sessions.  I have recommended Ramya’s classed to several friends.

    Sudha Uppaluri, Stamford, CT

    Learning Bollywood dance with Ramya was one of the most exciting experiences for me. She is truly gifted in her talent and her passion for dance makes each class fun and fantastical.

    Ayesha Mian, Scarsdale, CT